The holder of the title of the tallest living women, since the death of Yao Defen is unknown but is likely believed to be Sun Fang.Here is a list of known tallest living woman, however the list may be quite inaccurate as compared to the men's one.

Tallest WomenEdit

Rank Name Metric Imperial Nationality
1 Sun Fang221cm


2 Uljana Semjonova213.4cm7"0 Latvia
3 Lyuba Shilo213.4cm7"0 Ukraine
4 Maria Feliciana dos Santos213.4cm7"0 Brazil
5 Gwen Bachman210.8cm6"11 United States
6 Marvadene Anderson210.8cm6"11 United States
7 Gitika Srivastava210.8cm6"11 India
8 Zorana Todorovic209.6cm6"10.5 Serbia
9 Alana Renaud208.3cm6"10 United States
10 Ellen Bayer208.3cm6"10 Netherlands

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