Yao Defen was born on July 15 1972 in Shucheng, Liuan, Anhui, China and died on November 13 of 2012 due to an unspecified ailment at age 40.Yao was the tallest recognized living woman until her death,she stood 7ft 8 inches (2.33 m),weighed 179kg and had size 26 (UK)/78 (EU) feet.

Early LifeEdit

Yao was born to a poor farmers on the July 15 of year 1972.At age of 3,she was eating about three times more then the other 3 years old.Due to a tumor in her pituatiry gland,she had abnormal growth and,at age of 11,she reached 6"2 and by 15,6"5.She went to doctors at age 15 due to illness,they were not able to cure her growth, as the family couldn't pay 4000 yuan for the treatment.She earned a living by traveling with her father and performing.Around 2002,her tumor was removed and stunted her growth.However after about 5 years,the tumor came back,she was treated and then sent home for 6 months.The doctors were performing a 2nd treatment but that didn't happen since her family couldn't provide the fund.